Senior Sleuths

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Investigative Adventure through Brain-Building Activities

Senior Sleuths is an immersive mystery-solving subscription experience designed for older adults.  Each subscription box is delivered monthly and presents a new case to solve every three months. Equipped with captivating stories, clues, codes, ciphers, suspect photos and more, Senior Sleuths is ideal for puzzle enthusiasts, book lovers, fans of the crime genre and game gurus.

Developed with evidence-based research, Senior Sleuths empowers members to build cognitive reserve while putting their investigation prowess to the test. Skills such as working memory, processing speed, and logic and reasoning are reinforced through a need to be cognizant of details while retaining key information to solve the whodunit-style events. Each storyline is crafted to embrace nostalgia and incorporate historical references that evoke emotion, purpose and enigma.

Cognitive Skills Exercised

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Sustained Attention

Starting with an entertaining, fictitious story, members will need to focus on the details.

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Selective Attention

Each package contains more than 20 unique items for members to navigate.

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Divided Attention

Members will need to identify suspects and track events while reading the story.

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Long-term Memory

Over the course of each 12-week mystery experience, members will never know when they’ll need to revisit a previous activity or clue.

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Working Memory

Multi-step activities will require them to retain information while in the process of using it.

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Logic & Reasoning

Crossword Puzzles, Ciphers, Anagrams and much, much, more!

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Processing Speed

Accuracy is key; just a single letter can throw off a cryptogram.

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Visual & Auditory Processing

Character photos, maps, personal items and photo hunts enable residents to think visually, while reading aloud may further their investigation.

Our Series

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Three unremarkable world events recently happened in a 24-hour period in three different parts of the world. The NSA’s supercomputer had a brilliant and very secret algorithm that found these events significant enough to call them out to an intelligence analyst named Robert Reed who was a bit perplexed as he scanned his report.

As such begins a remarkable US espionage case, code named UN-TANGLED. The Director of the US Office of Intelligence Interrelations has issued a request for assistance. This extraordinary spy hunt needs bright minds to help the covert team work the case. The safety of the US is undeniably at risk.

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Las Vegas, Nevada— Always an international vacation hot spot. Las Vegas is a glitzy weekend retreat primarily for Southern Californians looking for gambling and entertainment. The organized crime visitors from Chicago and New York stand out like strangers in a land from the toned, tanned Angelinos. But the word is getting out to the rest of the U.S. Risqué tales of huge gambling jackpots and topless showgirls appear in East Coast and Midwest newspapers. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin talked up Las Vegas on network TV appearances, but the one thing that is really putting Las Vegas in the forefront of America’s cultural barometer is… a movie.

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