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Are you looking for a unique gift for an aging parent or senior in your life? This year, solve the mystery as to what to give the seniors in your life with Senior Sleuths.

Research has proven that older adults need to exercise and challenge their minds in order to stay mentally fit. Senior Sleuths was designed to do just that, and more.

Each series unravels an entertaining mystery using physical objects and encompasses cognitively stimulating activities such as suspenseful codes to crack, clues to gather and ciphers to figure out.

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How it Works

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Monthly Packages

Each series starts with a fictitious novella set in a time that will spark feelings of nostalgia. The story comes to life through photos, cyphers, puzzles, maps, transcripts, personal effects and authentic clues.

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Cognitive Engagement

Each captivating experience includes hours of interactive storytelling and activities designed to exercise mental agility. Including 15-20 activities that exercise the brain, 50+ story-related items and 10+ personal keepsakes.

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Three-Month Investigations

Each subscription box is delivered monthly and presents a new case to solve every three months. Keep the fun going and invite friends to join!

Customer Review

"As my parents age in place, it’s challenging to find activities they can do in their home that are enjoyable and cognitively engaging. Senior Sleuths brought a renewed sense of excitement to their home."

– Shawn O.

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