Senior Sleuths

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Do you have what it takes to be a Senior Sleuth?

Do you enjoy a good crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or reading a good mystery? Are you an armchair detective, a board game enthusiast, a fan of the crime genre? Senior Sleuths might just be what you have been looking for…

Equipped with clues, codes, ciphers, suspect photos and more, each three month investigation boasts approximately 50 story-related items, 10 personal keepsakes, weeks of activities and consistent opportunities to exercise mental agility.

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How it Works

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Monthly Packages

Each series starts with a fictitious novella set in a time that will spark feelings of nostalgia. The story comes to life through photos, cyphers, puzzles, maps, transcripts, personal effects and authentic clues.

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Cognitive Engagement

Each captivating experience includes hours of interactive storytelling and activities designed to exercise mental agility, including 15-20 activities that exercise the brain, 50+ story-related items and 10+ personal keepsakes.

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Three-Month Investigations

Each subscription box is delivered monthly and presents a new case to solve every three months. Keep the fun going and invite friends to join!

Customer Review

“I think one of the neat things about it is that it’s got a lot of variety of activities to do, like the crossword puzzle, the regular puzzle to put together, and that’s good because it doesn’t make it boring.”

– – Linda S., Independent Living Resident

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