Senior Sleuths



“I think one of the neat things about it is that it’s got a lot of variety of activities to
do, like the crossword puzzle, the regular puzzle to put together, and that’s
good because it doesn’t make it boring.”
- Linda S., Independent Living Resident

"As my parents age in place, it’s challenging to find activities they can do in their home that are enjoyable and cognitively engaging. Senior Sleuths brought a renewed sense of excitement to their home."

- Shawn O., Purchased as a gift

“Senior Sleuths is just what we needed - a group social activity that exercises the brain, too. You just can’t ignore the impact of brain health on physical health as
we age.”
- JoAnn Driver, Health Services Director, Brightview

“Our industry has needed something like this for a long time, as our cognitive activities are woefully inadequate.”
- Ron Herbert, Chief Operating Officer
Vero Health Management

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