Senior Sleuths

Tips and Tricks

Residents should be able to solve the mystery using only the package contents, weekly activities, clues and some collaboration with their fellow Senior Sleuths. To get the most out of their experience, encourage residents to think creatively, share their thoughts with fellow residents and ask questions. Even details that don’t lead to a clue will enrich their experience and reveal more about the story and its characters. There are red herrings strategically placed throughout the experience. Differentiating between a valuable clue and a dead-end is all part of the challenge.


Have your residents review everything in their package. Make sure they check off all items on the content checklist! If a resident is missing an item, please click here to fill out our Missing Items Form and we’ll get a replacement to you ASAP.

Read the story and all supporting material. Get acquainted with all the characters. Residents should use their journal to take notes – they will want to refer to their notes as they get deeper into the story and to solving the mystery.

Weekly Group Activities

Each activity has meaning and is imperative to the plot. If your residents don’t finish the activity during the designated group activity period, they can work on it independently. Not everyone has to finish the activity, but the activity will help everyone! Be sure to remind residents to use their magnifying card to help find clues that might not be found by the naked eye!

Clues and More Clues

There are different types of puzzles, codes and ciphers peppered throughout the experience. Solving these may take some trial and error, but don’t let your residents get discouraged! Look for irregularities that might indicate a hidden message; like circled words, highlighted routes, house numbers, map coordinates, jumbled letters, secret images, etc.

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